Nanobles turns 1

June 4, 2020

Nanobles 1st anniversary

The Nanobles story begins with friendship, one piece of paper, and a special 4-letter word.

I first met Mike Robinson roughly one year ago after a brief phone call in regards to a LinkedIn article he had posted. It was evident from our first chat that we both shared common interests, including outside of the cannabis space, and meeting in-person was worthy. So, within the next week, I drove from my home located about an hour north of San Francisco to pick him up at his house in Santa Barbara. I had booked a hotel room nearby so we decided to have our meeting pool-side at the luxurious Best Western. It was an informal meeting, by design, including a lengthy discussion regarding our love of Hawaii. (I grew up on Oahu and lived there for 25 years, Mike had also spent significant time coincidentally on the same island.) Among other intriguing topics, Mike introduced me to the "Cannabis Love Story"; a deeply moving chronicle that forever changed my own life for the better.

As we began discussing the cannabis industry, I honed in on one particular piece of paper I had brought with me. This document was the NANO® registered trademark certificate (#5465893) I had obtained in May of 2018. Getting this trademark registered was not easy; in fact, it included a battle with the trademark office that ultimately resulted in my favor. The condensed backstory involving this trademark related to a stomach ailment I suffered from for several years, and one that multiple doctors were unable to properly diagnose. It took my own research and formulating of peppermint extract, along with other natural food additives, to finally overcome this illness. I decided to name my product NANO®, file for a trademark, and ultimately shipped off samples to family and friends.

Most reading this blog are well aware of the value nanotechnology offers to the cannabis industry, and well beyond. While I had been interested in nanotech for almost two decades (acquiring nano-related domain names as early as 2002), I was brand new to the business side of cannabis and wanted to get Mike’s feedback on this relatively new intellectual property. From my perspective, it was apparent within the first few minutes that our meeting was inevitable. Mike was of course familiar with nanotechnology, but his knowledge of cannabis was simply incredible; and with my IP and IT background we both brought critical skills and experience to the table. Most important of all, we both believed in helping others via natural plant-based medicine – and that cannabis education was paramount in any kind of venture we potentially participated in together. Since that pool-side meeting in Santa Barbara, it’s been a long and wild ride...

Numerous NorCal/SoCal road trips; multiple conventions; Carousel Challenge events; website development; several additional NANO-related trademark filings; educational blogs; incorporating - then dissolving (a bizarre story in and of itself, but to remain highly confidential); establishing another business entity (a future blog); reincorporating Nanobles Inc.; multiple signed agreements with third party companies - then exiting such contracts (mainly due to liability and/or lack of transparency); research and development; product formulation; and, most recently, raising funds...Mike and I have shared many fond memories over the past year, but have also been put through the wringer; something that has only made our friendship stronger. Through it all, education and R&D has remained our central focus. We are both tired of all the misinformation, downright fraud, and over-priced product that run rampant in this industry. That said, there really are great people, fantastic companies, and amazing product available that we will continue to support – and promote as we move forward.

And it’s with great pleasure that after one year...Nanobles will offer its very own unique product line ~ coming soon!

David Uhalley: Co-founder, Nanobles Inc.