CBD and breastfeeding: the growing trend

August 5, 2019

CBD and Breastfeeding

There's a plethora of reasons new moms have turned to CBD while they're still breastfeeding, but is it safe? With the growing number of pregnant women using CBD many wonder if they should stop the use or continue, as well as whether they should keep on using it while giving their infant the much needed breast milk that already contains our natural endocannabinoids. Let's cover the most popular reasons why a mother would want to use CBD for herself and for her baby as we mull over the safety issue. Of course all consumers should do their own research and come to their own conclusions about how they'll handle a pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it's always nice to have a guide.

The most common factors expecting and new moms will discuss as to why they want to continue with CBD includes treating anxiety, postpartum depression, post childbirth pain, and of course what comes with having a newborn - insomnia. All of these issues are more common in the first few weeks after giving birth and while adjusting to change in lifestyle, especially with first time moms. As well, the first few months of pregnancy are often very stressful for almost all women and easing that up with something very natural like CBD will theoretically reduce miscarriages. Of course the science on some of this is still lacking, but anecdotal accounts from people around the world are not. Another big reason many mothers have spoken up about in regards to using CBD, both before and after their child is born, is to protect their developing brains from any possible reaction to the vast number of immunizations that many worry about. Since CBD was patented by our government as a neuroprotectant this takes much of that worry away for those with that concern and replaces it with the feeling of giving a newborn a vital element necessary for proper endocannabinoid system function.

Of course any of the CBD a new mom or expecting mom may take while breastfeeding will result in the transmission of some of that CBD to the baby - either in utero or through the breast milk. Some mothers will actually take CBD or other supplements for their baby, especially when experiencing excessive crying or infant aggravation, as well as to address inflammatory conditions the baby may be experiencing as their bodies are growing at an exponential rate. It’s critical that if you’re using CBD anywhere near infants a consumer makes very sure the oils are confirmed to be clean of any residuals elements through analytical lab testing. This ensures that they are clear of any contaminants, pesticides, or solvents that may have been leftover from the manufacturing process. These concerns, of course, would apply to anything a breastfeeding mother is ingesting or a pregnant woman would eat or drink. The vast number of product manufacturers of CBD use 3rd party lab testing on their products. All consumers should be asking for these lab tests on the products they buy if they're not available on the website or in the dispensary or store in which they are bought, regardless of who is using them. There's no quantifiable research to date that concludes any negative effect of supplying a growing child with CBD; in fact, the mounting publications on cannabinoid medicine continue to show that the benefits of ingestion of the cannabis/hemp plant is vital to human health.

Mike Robinson, Author - Founder, Global Cannabinoid Research Center