A day with Genevieve

October 2, 2019

Carousel Challenge

This is not a blog about cannabis. This is not a post about X, Y, and Z products and how they will cure every medical condition under the sun. This is not a message for politicians to get their heads out of their asses – and end prohibition. This isn’t even an informational blog. Instead, this is a short story about love, family, and courage. And at the nucleus of it all, Genevieve.

The backstory: For those of you unfamiliar with "The Cannabis Love Story", I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read this incredibly touching article. I’ve had the honor of working with Mike Robinson on the NANOBLES blog for several months now. We first met earlier this year near his home in Santa Barbara and, more recently, I attended the Infused Products Conference with him in Los Angeles. Mike was on one of the panels and gave a fantastic presentation. Due to his severe epilepsy, Mike is unable to drive so I was more than happy to assist. Our plan was to attend the event and end the week with a special excursion with his family to, of all things, ride a carousel? I live just north of San Francisco so I took a week off to head south, clueless as to just how much of a positive impact this road trip would have on my life.

Carousel Family

In short, Gen absolutely adores carousels. From what I observed, I’d describe it in a nutshell as her happy place. Unfortunately, the closest carousel to Santa Barbara is now in Ventura; not an easy trek when you don’t have access to a readily available car. So last Thursday I picked up Mike, his fiancé, Anne Mari, along with Gen, and off we went. The drive, to and from, was full of thoughtful conversation, along with intermittent singing and repetitive goofy quotes from TV shows Gen apparently loves to watch. Mike and Anne Mari were in their prime, full of genuine love and laughter. It ran so deep it was contagious. Gen was so happy – and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire ride. It was as if I was in a trance; a momentary lapse of tranquility. Pure peace, joy, cheerfulness…Euphoria. It dawned on me immediately after picking up Gen from her school - I was blessed with three angels in my rental car.

After reaching our destination Gen was, at first, hesitant in entering the building where the carousel sat waiting, idle. However, with patience and perseverance Anne Mari and Mike were able to convince her that it was okay to go inside. My remaining thoughts and reflections on that wonderful day are in the form of a personal message to Gen and her loving family.

Genevieve & Family on Carousel

Dear Gen and ohana:

Thank you for inviting me into your lives and loving home. I will never forget our carousel trip together – we were all one happy family blessed by Gen’s graceful presence. Words can’t describe my carousel challenge, but I’ll give it my best shot in the form of a haiku:

Horses, pig, spinning

Time stands still, elegance reigns

Her radiant smile

To Genevieve: my day with you was nothing short of magical. Mahalo. To Mike and Anne Mari (you are both warriors): the courage your beautiful daughter has is palpable; her poise, statuesque; her grace, sublime; her smile, impeccable; her aura, incandescent; her presence, divine. Mahalo for that amazing, and life-changing, day. I eagerly await my next carousel challenge with you all in Vegas! ;)



Genevieve & David Uhalley on Carousel

I urge all those reading this post to take the carousel challenge. Help change lives. Giving is Living. YOUR life will forever change - for the better.

David Uhalley: Founder, NANOBLES