Nanobles Incorporated

A California Corp

Nanobles Inc.

Nanobles Inc. headquarters are located in Santa Barbara, California. Our story is all about Love and Compassion. Our purpose: education, research, development, creation, marketing, and distribution of health and wellness goods. Our special sauce: aside from proprietary formulations and premium intellectual property, we take pride in being deeply involved in any product, or service, we develop and/or promote. From seed-to-seal, we are intimately engaged in all facets of any business conducted. And this goes for the Nanobles site as well, designed and optimized from a blank canvas, our artistry extends from information technology to science and chemical engineering. Our core values: simplicity and transparency. Plant-based engineering can get complicated; nanotechnology is complex; and the cannabis industry, in particular, is riddled with misinformation - and fraud. Our mission is to present material and product in a convenient (non-flashy), easy to understand, format for our visitors and customers. The cannabis industry is in disarray...but in chaos lies opportunity. We welcome all those interested in collaborating with us.