The NANOBLES corporation intellectual property portfolio

Premium IP bank

Nanobles IP

Nanobles, Inc. owns rights to some of the most sought after intellectual property in the Nanotechnology sector. Our current NANO-specific IP bank consists of trademarks, trade secrets, and dozens of associated premium domains; all of public record. With regard to formulations, each are closely held trade secrets. Our proprietary NANO® flavoring - with function - is especially top secret. So far, we have decided to take this route, instead of applying for patents, in order to keep our methods as private and confidential as possible. Our high profile trademarks are listed below, all other properties can be shared with only seriously interested parties.

  • NANO registered trademark: #5465893. IC 030. US 046. G&S: "Flavor enhancers used in food and beverage products; Extracts used as food flavoring; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs."
  • NANOBLES registered trademark: #5910143. IC 030. US 046. G&S: "Candy; Chocolate; Snack foods, namely, chocolate-based snack foods."