NANO needed in agriculture

NANO bets BIG in Ag.

Nano Agriculture

Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture is a very hot topic these days. Farming techniques must be modernized in order to keep up with demand. High yields via more efficient agricultural practices is of the highest priority. As you may have guessed, nanotech is becoming increasingly important in this field. In fact, many argue that in the future nano-agriculture will become vital to human existence. Here are several examples of how nanotechnology is already assisting the agricultural industry:

  • Nanocapsules for vaccine delivery.
  • Nanocapsules for efficient agrichemical delivery, including pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Nanosensors for monitoring crop and soil conditions.
  • Nanosensors for detecting animal and plant pathogens.
  • Single-molecule detection for determining enzyme-substrate interaction.
  • Controlled delivery of growth hormones.
  • Nano-chips for tracking and identity.
  • More nano-agriculture updates to come!