NANO assisting cannabis industry

NANO = next-gen cannabis.

Nano Cannabis

With the great challenges facing nanotech come great opportunities, and the cannabis industry is taking full advantage of this. In fact, cannabis is one of the few industries actually promoting the use of nanotechnology on their product labels. The cannabis industry is generally embracing nanotechnology mainly because it permits production of cannabinoid emulsions (e.g., water-soluble CBD or THC) that are permanently stable, translucent, and water-compatible. It should be noted that it can also be manufactured in powder form. As discussed in our nano-drinks section, these nano-cannabinoid emulsions offer many advantages versus conventional emulsions. But it’s the high potency, faster onset of action time, and higher bioavailability that really makes nanotech special. Industries where nano-cannabinoid emulsions thrive include:

  • Edibles
  • Drinkables
  • Topicals
  • Supplements
  • Nano Cannabinoids

    Cannabis products utilizing nano-emulsion technology specialize in targeted delivery of nutrients which can vastly improve absorption and bioavailability over standard delivery methods. These nano-cannabinoid emulsions have helped propel the cannabis industry immensely. In fact, so much so that the alcohol industry has taken notice and has already been utilizing nano in some of their cannabis-infused beverages. Some of the more popular recognized benefits of nano-cannabinoids include:

  • Anti-stress
  • Pain relief
  • Sleep aid
  • Nano Cannabis Formula

    It should be of no surprise that the NANOBLES™ team considers cannabis a top priority in developing health and wellness nano consumer products. We are actively collaborating with industry experts to develop ultra-effective proprietary nano-cannabis formulas to, ultimately, be used in our suite of products. One area of particular interest is in cancer treatment and nano-cannabinoids. Stay tuned for more details.