NANO generates healthier drinks

Nanotech + drinks = nanodrinks.

Nano Drinks

Functional beverages, also known as wellness drinks, are the latest trend in the beverage industry. These drinks are not only focused on flavor and health, but feeling as well. This relates to our NANO® flavor formulation methodology coined “Flavor3” as it pertains to mind, body, and spirit. These next-generation beverages are more about selling a lifestyle than an actual product. Consumers are more conscious than ever about their health and consuming less sugary sodas, for example, are becoming a common trend.

Once again, nanotechnology is playing a key role in this industry. Nanoemulsions are often used in beverages. Nanoemulsions permit better availability and dispersion of nutrients. This nanotechnology is particularly effective for water-based drinks where oil is involved. A prime example is cannabis-infused beverages. Cannabinoids such as CBD or THC are hydrophobic and thereby not water-soluble. Specialized nano-emulsifiers are used to produce stable nano-emulsions of cannabinoids in water or really any aqueous phase. For those concerned about nano and toxicity...did you know that nanoemulsions are already involved in many of your favorite beverages; including beer, coffee, milk, and tea?

JANE drink

The NANOBLES™ team will be announcing the release of our very own wellness drinks. Our functional beverage brand is appropriately named JANE™ and will, for starters, consist of water and healthy soft drinks. We’re still in the research and development stage but will certainly be updating our guests when these JANE™ drinks become available. One thing for certain: our NANO® proprietary flavor formulation will once again help differentiate our brand from the rest of the functional beverages in this competitive marketplace.