NANO creates better flavor

The NANO® flavor formulation.

Nano Flavor

The NANOBLES™ primary focus currently involves our very own proprietary NANO® "Functional Flavoring" formulations for creating healthy and delicious food and beverages. Functional flavorings are flavorings that are added to food or beverages to provide a specific function, such as enhancing flavor, masking off-flavors, or providing a sensory cue. They are often used in conjunction with other ingredients, such as sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, to create a desired flavor profile. Functional flavorings can also be found in non-food products, such as cosmetics and cleaning supplies. The NANO® flavor formulations can be applied to edibles and drinkables for creating some of the most unique and tasty nanofood in the world. Our recipes are a secret...literally. Our flavor formulation methods are a trade secret and are kept strictly confidential. While the details of our nanoflavors and associated formulations remain stealthy, we do closely adhere to what we refer to as our "Flavor3" principles: Mind, Body, Spirit. Our well-being comes from physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Each and every nanoflavor is packed with nutrients and tastes great. While Big Food hides their use of nanotech in product, our contrarian approach is simple: the NANO® brand is front and center on our labels. As a consumer you know what you're getting when you see it on a bottle or packaged good. No hiding, no BS. Just NANO®.

NANO Peppermint Extract

The NANO® Peppermint Extract was our flagship consumer product. We’ve since expanded our research and development into a variety of flavor enhancers used in food and beverage products, extracts used as food flavoring, and thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs.

NANOBLES Corp has now matured to the point where our NANO CFP™ preserves functional foods and our NANO TERPS™ and other creations specialize in offering functional flavoring. Imagine a world where preservatives and flavors have health benefits. At The NANO Group, we don't imagine, NANOBLES Corp coupled with the GCRC makes it happen.