NANO produces healthier food

Nanotech + food = nanofood.

Nano Food

The potential applications in the area of nanotechnology with functional food and nutraceuticals are infinite. The ability to engineer biological molecules to function different than their natural state is the foundation of nanofood. It’s important to note that nanofood has far too often been inaccurately associated with GMOs. They are vastly different as nanotechnology used in food applications has absolutely nothing to do with genetic modification. Agriculture, food processing, food packaging, and supplements are the core categories in the nanofood technology space. Nanotechnology in food has become so extensive that we designed the NANOBLES™ site to address each of these categories independently. Here are just a few examples of how nanotech is already being applied by food technologists with regard to food processing:

  • Nanocapsules to improve bioavailability of nutraceuticals in common ingredients.
  • Nanoparticles to selectively bind and remove chemicals from food.
  • Nanocapsule infusion of plant-based steroids to, for example, replace meat’s cholesterol.
  • Nanotubes as gelation and viscosifying agents.
  • Nano Chocolate

    Food is medicine. Nano food additives in edibles can add essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates which are typically low in average daily diets. Nanotechnology is allowing us to open new doors in the world of truly functional food. One of our primary focuses in this area is chocolate. There are now at least 42 functional foods identified and chocolate is one of them. In fact, cocoa beans are known to have well over 300 healthful compounds. Just imagine nanotechnology being applied to chocolate…Well, it’s already happening. Did you know that nanotech is involved in the production of M&M’s chocolate candy?

    NANOBLES™ is actively developing our own chocolate product line. Aside from our unique NANO® flavor formulation applied resulting in amazing taste, our chocolates are incredibly healthy. Moreover, most mainstream food companies utilizing nanotechnology (and that includes Big Food) hide it under fancy and/or technical names that consumers can't understand when looking at ingredients. On the contrary, we proudly promote nanotech, and are strong advocates of labeling all products clearly. Due to our limited manufacturing capabilities, our premium chocolates and candy are currently only available to selected guests. Check back often as we increase our production to meet expected demand.