NANO for better supplements

NANO vitamins prevail.

Nano Supplements

Many consider supplements an important part of our daily diet. However, one of the common problems facing conventional supplements is their inability to be absorbed properly resulting in our body not getting the essential nutrients. Here are just a few examples of how nanotechnology is making an impact on supplements:

  • Cellulose nanocrystal composites for drug delivery.
  • Nanoencapsulation of nutraceuticals.
  • Nano-sized powders.
  • Coiled nanoparticles for efficient nutrient delivery.
  • Vitamin sprays creating nanodroplets.
  • The examples mentioned above all contribute to:

  • Quicker onset of action.
  • Improved absorption.
  • Improved bioavailability.
  • Therapeutic efficacy.
  • The results are clear. Nanotech once again is playing a critical role in our health and wellness. Supplements benefit greatly with this technology and more scientific studies are now being conducted than ever before. Expect this space to get even more exciting as extensive nano-supplements and, related, nano-vitamins data becomes available.