NANO Research and Development

Nanobles Corp has officially merged with the world-renowned Global Cannabinoid Research Center, specializing in the research and development of next-generation plant-based medicine.


The Global Cannabinoid Research Center is working on groundbreaking nanotechnology plant-based research and development in the creation of multitudes of healthy items for human ingestion, topical use, and so much more. It's worth noting that, to date, none of our NANO® formulas include a single cannabinoid. That doesn't mean we also don't work with cannabinoids, it's just not our primary focus like most NanoTech companies in the world of cannabis. Here are a few basic formulas under development, our more complex formulas are highly confidential and not shared on this site.

Nano Mango 51
Nano Grape 51
Nano Lemon Lime 51
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent-2
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent-3
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent-4
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent-5
Nano Bottle R&D Transparent-6